Sclerotherapy for leg veins

kbmissFebruary 14, 2007

Has anyone here had Sclerotherapy for varicose and/or spider veins? How did it work for you and did you have any side effects? How much discomfort? How about laser treatments for spider veins? Did that work well? Thanks in advance for any input.

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I have had sclerotheraphy three times and will have another one in March. I have had success with the treatment...I know you're probably wondering how I could have success and yet keep going back. Let me explain...the women in my family have a real problem with varicose and spider veins. My poor mother is 60 years old and from her knees down are just horrible...has to wear dark hose to hide. I am 41 and am lucky enough to have access to a treatment such as sclerotherapy to maybe keep from having the same problem as my mother does. I mainly have problems in the thigh area and near my ankles. I make an appointment once a year to have sclerotherapy in hopes to "stay ahead of the problem". The results have been good. The sclerotherapy treatment has gotten rid of the ones I have at the time of treatment; however, new ones do appear. I have never had side effects. There is some discomfort while being treated...especially in tender areas like the backs of the knees and around the ankles. I wear support hose for a week and only take tub soaks...and do not do heavy exercise. You can walk for exercise at a slow pace after about three days. I have mine done every March so that I will not be wearing support hose in warmer months...tried that and was miserable. Also, you will have some bruising and you will want that to be gone before shorts weather. Good luck!!!

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I had this procedure done more than 12 years ago on some spider veins acquired during a pregnancy. The results were fantastic and there has been no reappearance. I don't remember any discomfort as the needle is very small. I wore elasticated bandages for a period of time and also scheduled this during the cooler months so that I could wear pants. Don't hesitate and good luck!

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No discomfort other than a little pin prick feeling, effective, affordable. No bruising for me....

Unfortunately, most of the doctors around here are now only offering the laser treatment (once purchasing the $$$ laser, they are reluctant to continue to use saline) and it costs lots more...I just heard Dr OZ say on an Oprah show a week or so ago that one is not more effective than the other, the difference is in price to patient.

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