Pill Cutter/Splitter

dadoesFebruary 24, 2008

I need recommendations for a pill cutter that works, consistently! I've tried four. The best thus far has a soft rubber cutting bed with a V-shaped matrix to hold the tablet, but it sometimes breaks one of the halves or chips off one or more fragments of varying size.

Just this afternoon I tried another that has a set of "templates" to fit tablets of various sizes/shapes. It's a joke. The blade doesn't cut deep enough. The tablet and template stick to the blade when the cover is lifted, and the tablet ends up partially crushed instead of cut cleanly.

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Check with your pharmacist first cuz some pills you have to take whole.

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I'm aware of that, and it's not the case with the medication that is involved. The doctor's instructions are being followed.

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Sorry for this delay in responding, but I couldn't find the darn thing!
Mine works very well, and I bought it at Kaiser Permanente (health plan) for a few dollars.
Easy to use with various sized pills and hasn't broken any as yet.
It is called: APEX Deluxe Pill Splitter
Item: 70058
Tel #: 1-800-328-2935.
The web site says about this item: Double beveled stainless steel blade.
I want to add that I have nothing to do with this company.
Hope this is of some help, even if delayed.

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