TV over fireplace, how to make it work

astridhFebruary 22, 2008

We are renovating our family room and would like to mount a TV over a wood-burning fireplace. We need to replace our old firebox. Opinions seem to be mixed as to how well this works out. We have been to three local fireplace stores and no one can recommend a set-up for us. We have 7'9" ceilings. I have also posted in the fireplace forum. My questions are:

If you have a TV over your fireplace, how do you like it?

How big is your TV ? (we are thinking 42" or 50")

How many inches above the floor is the bottom of the TV?

How many inches above the floor is the mantle?

How many inches above the floor is the hearth?

What type of fireplace do you have?

Is the TV recessed into the wall above the fireplace?

Did you have to put a 30 degree elbow in the flue to recess the TV?

Any other advice?

Any pictures would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Please don't do it. Is not optimal (there's a chimney behind the TV, for god's sake!) and typically is too high for comfortable TV watching. If you just want oohs and aahs in the living room when folks look at your sleek TV mounted above the fireplace by all means go for it. But it's just not comfortable for hours of TV watching, and your neck will thank you for it! If you have the space put the TV in the corner. The only reason (of course, this is only my opinion) to put a TV over the fireplace is if you have no space anywhere else in the room to put it.

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I agree with aliasalreadyexists. TV over fireplace is definitely not optimal for viewing. The screen should be at eye level. Besides, when the drill into the wall above your mantle to install the TV, they may damage your chimney. Think things through and find another place.

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Here's my setup, we don't use the firplace other than to hold candles

42in plasma

50in plasma currently

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I have my TV over my fireplace for over a year and have not had any problems viewing it.


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The naysayers jumped right in, and then those that have actually placed their TV over the fireplace chimed in....

With a wood burner you would definitely want the mantle to extend out a bit more than average, but it's still not a problem....

If you're talking about a prefab fireplace, then adding in a elbow to allow for recessing the TV (a flat panel we presume) will be even better.

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