Digital TV trasition from Analog a wonderful thing

johndeereFebruary 8, 2009

I have Dishnetwork and have recieved my local channels from them for years.Because trying to recieve good reception from 70 miles away was hard without a tall tower and good antenna.I did not want that expense and hassle.

But that has changed because I no longer need a big out side antenna.I decided to give a small indoor outdoor antenna a try set up indoors on my second story house.I simply placed it upstairs and ran a RG-6 coax to my main TV.

This little thing is amazing to say the least.I get crystal clear reception from a $50.00 little retagular plastic plate.No need for a big ugly set of elements that would be on the ground after a ice storm.

My point is do not be afraid of the digital transition modern technology is this instance is wonderful.

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The experience of many others, including mine, is quite different. I am glad that it worked so well for you. Wish it was so for everyone.

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I take it did not mean better reception in your area?

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