How to mount a Flat Panel TV 'IN' a wall?

dchutnikJanuary 12, 2007

Between my kitchen and living room there is a wall that is big enough to fit my 42" TV into. The idea is to be able to watch the TV in both rooms by spinning the TV and haveing a picture on the back side of the TV to cover up the wires. If you have seen the movie "Two for the Money" thats where I got the idea from. The wall is plaster and might be load bearing. Any ideas on how to go about rigging this up without completely destroying my house would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any advice you may have.

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Here is something to consider. In a few years that TV will break and parts won't be available for repair. Now you'll need to find a TV that fits into your existing hole which may be challenging. Think of all the folks with 4:3 spaces built into their homes when the new TVs are all 16:9 aspect ratio. In general, custom spaces for electronics equipment are a bad idea.

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What you propose would definitely be best left to a professional company. Most definitely can be done though.


God forbid that something custom is done to a home.

Sorry, but I felt it needed said....

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People customize their homes all sorts of unusual ways. They always seem like great ideas at the time....A little long term thinking never hurts.

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