catlady15February 11, 2004

I am new to this forum.But I need advise.I went to the eye dr for exam because I am having trouble seeing clear.It has been going on for awhile.I had a good exam for as they really checked my eyes from front and back.The dr asked for my husband to come in so he could speak to him.He asked me if I ever taken predisone.I reply yes.I have for many years due to my back,having 3 back surgeries and needing another one,my dr puts a shot in my back ever 3 months.Well than the eye dr said it has made cataracts on my eyes.I have one on each eye.He said I need to have them removed.He said my eyes are in bad shape.He asked how long had I been having problems with my eyes and I said for a long while.My question is,has anyone ever heard of this and can anyone tell me what to expect from the time I get to the hospital to I go home.The dr said I will be going into a operating room to have this done.My husband and I asked again ,you mean a operating room.He said yes.He said they don't put me to sleep.As you may can tell I am very scared.I am 42 years old.Any help would be greatly apprecaited and thanks for your time.Also what number is best when they say you can see,so and so.He told me my number and I was wandering if it is bad.Catlady

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That's awful. The doctor who gave you the prednisone never mentioned the possibility of cataracts?

Both my parents had outpatient cataract surgery, and both were pleasantly surprised by how quick and relatively painless it was and by how quickly their vision returned.

I'm not sure about surgery in an operating room. Have you quizzed your doctor on everything you have questions about? Why you need to be in the hospital, how long the surgery takes, when will your sight return, potential problems, etc.

I did a quick search on Google and found this WebMD article on cataract surgery, which may help. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: cataract surgery

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They have only recently found out that sometimes steroids can cause cataracts. I had them and I will always wonder if it was because I had to take prednisone for asthma.

The surgery is a breeze. Of course, things can go wrong even in getting a even a toe nail removed, but this is really considered very low risk surgery. It should be done in a hospital or clinic Operating room that has been specially set up for eye surgery. It takes only a few minutes. Your total time in the hospital will probably be less that 2 hours. I didn't even have to take off my clothes or shoes. You will be put into a very slight "sleep." You will need someone to drive you home and since you will be very sleepy, it's a good idea idea to have someone with you. You will need eye drops every few hours for about a week. If you can do it yourself, fine, if not, someone will have to do it for you.

As far as your eyesight afterwards, it will be as good as it was before the catatracts developed. You may not even need glasses.

You are going to be suprised at how much improvement you have.

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Thank you both for your time.I meet with the surgery dr next thurs.For as the dr that gave me these shots over these years,nope not one time has he even mentioned a side affect.I can blame myself.I should have been more asking.But I guess now I pay for my mistakes.He did say for sure it would be done in the operating room.That is one thing that got me all scared.I am making a list to my questions for next week to ask.I even thought I was too young to have cataracts.Also my fear as I guess you can understand why,what if it don't go as planned and I get in worst shape than I am now.But I guess we must not look to what if and think positive.Thanks again both of you for your time and the information.Catlady

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