Movable bracket to move TV over (non-working) fireplace up/down?

sarahandbrayJanuary 4, 2009

I'm not sure if that subject title even made any sense or not--I was wondering if there was any type of bracket that you could attach to a flat screen tv that could move it left/right AND up/down to reach the perfect viewing height, yet could be put "back" just over the fireplace when done viewing.

Our fireplace mantle in our 150-year-old house is not as high as in many newer houses, so I don't think the height would be too terribly annoying, and it's a non-working fireplace, so that wouldn't be an issue either. I would really like it up there because we have a tough-to-configure living room with four door-ways, two windows, a big, cast-iron radiator, and the fireplace--thus, not a lot of room for an entertainment center and enough seating.

Has anyone seen anything like this "bracket"?


Sarah from Albany

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Try this link, these brackets swivel out and tilt down, most tilt 15 degrees max. There are many manufacturers this is just one.

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one other point, never seen a bracket that would move up and down. They move out and tilt.

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Wow that is a really good idea! I've never seen a bracket that would swing down even though I can picture exactly what you mean. Maybe it exists. I hope so. I have a room much like yours, except I have 5 doors and no radiator. The fireplace area is the best place for the TV, but I like my TV at seated eye level, not above, even if it's "tilted" downward.

- Jim

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