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indianadiyJuly 21, 2010

Hello all

I have been on this board many times and I just officially joined. My wife and I are going to put down about 800 Sq Ft of laminate flooring on a concrete slab at our house. We have 2 dogs so we are doing laminate because of their nails and scratching.

We have been shopping around a little and man are their a lot of brands out there.

Can anyone help us out. We want a floor that will withstand the dogs and last us for a while. We need a strong thick floor. We are not going to go cheap but we dont necessarilly want to go $4 to $5 a Sq Ft unless we have too.

What brands do you guys suggest as far as will look good and last long. I have read great things about Wilsonart but it is about $4.50 a Sq ft.

ANything in the $3 to $3.50 range?

How about ALLOC, Columbia, Quikstep etc?

Your help is greatlyu appreciated

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From another Indiana DIY'er. We installed Alloc several years ago. It is a good product. It will scratch and dent if you drop a heavy object. My cats don't bother it. We have it in the dining room, hallway, and bedroom office. You do get what you pay for. I liked Alloc because of the meatal strip. Good luck.

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thanks aerosmith

I was thinking alloc for the money, wilsonart just seems so much more expensive

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I'm not sure about Alloc and Wilsonart, but I think Witex and other European manufacturers all specify an AC rating for hardness (although most residential flooring tends to be AC3). This would at least let you compare apples to apples.

Here is a link that might be useful: Laminate flooring AC rating

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Forgot to mention. There are different grades within the Alloc line. I do believe we went with the Alloc original.

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I just recently wrote an article (18 pages) called Hardwood and Laminate Flooring buying secrets revealed. i would gladly email to you if you would like. It really does tell you the inside scoop on laminate flooring from every angle. It will make you a buying expert. Read the laminate parts several times.

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echoflooring, we plan to replace carpet and vinyl with laminate in a few months also because we have cats and dogs. I would like to read your article as well. Thank you, Dorothy

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I will email one to you

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Hi echoflooring,
Can you please email your article to me as well? Thanks!

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I would also like a copy of your article. Thanks

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Hi ehcoflooring

I would also appreciate a copy of your article. I am changing my flooring. Thank You

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I was a hardwood and laminate sales rep for many yrs. Laminate and wood scratch and dent. The performance is overhyped a lot. Expecting it not to scratch is totally unrealistic and unfortunately your expectation of impervious to scratching will lead to dissappointment. Laminates have a aluminum oxide finish that once scratched can't be repaired in any way. If you went with an engineered floor those finishes can be recoated without resanding the product. If your investing $1000's you need to consider if your really setting yourself up for dissapointment? The 'hardness' of the product has absolutely nothing to do with the finish which you are walking on every day.

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We got our Harmonics laminate floor from Costco (made by QuckStep, or so was I told) when it's on sale. It was a good price to begin with and the sale brought it down to around $1.27/sf. We haven't installed yet, but we just assembled a 4'x4' square and left it out in the open. No amount of abuse (3 cats and many water puddles left out intentionally) has done any damage after 2 months. We are quite impressed.

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echoflooring, I can't seem to find your email. I would love to read your article, please email to thanks, Steve

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All flooring, just like your automobiles, are temporary products...they will eventually meet their expected service lives. Some will last longer than others, based mainly on how they are used and what maintenance they receive. How they look and perform along the way all depends upon you...the purchaser and user.

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Six years ago INTERIOR foundation repairs forced me to tear out all the ceramic tile to be torn out downstairs. In a budget crisis, I bought the cheapest laminate HomeDepot had. About $0.97/sf I think.
While the dog's damp footprints do show up, this stuff has really worn well. And this stuff has put up with abuse from a sloppy dog, an old cat, and a ton of teen boys. Even where the dog's water bowl live - and he drips - no separation of planks, no scratches. I even dragged heavy furniture (too impatient to get help and do it right), and scuffed it a little in one area but that would happen real wood. My fault.
Bottom line IMO? I think laminate is laminate when it comes to the durability. Cheap does not mean bad quality. It just may be uglier. So get what you think LOOKS the best.
And btw, even my cheapo stuff has gotten compliments. So there ya go.

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