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freedeeJanuary 27, 2009

You could walk into Magnolia and see all those comfy couches and really cool lighting and think, this is a place that treats their costumers with kid gloves. WRONG!!!

My husband bought a very expensive flat TV and lots of other stuff including two MX300 touch screen remotes. I've had sooo many problems. I've had problems with the other aspects of our interactions, but I'll just tell you what happened with the remote.

These remotes cost over $900.- each. The gentlemen who set them up for us were really nice guys, I just think that they weren't properly trained. When I kept having problems with them, they suggested that I get a simpler remote. With my service agreement, I was entitled to a replacement remote. I asked if I could get the cheaper, simpler remote in exchange instead. Several days later they called back and said it would be OK. Meanwhile I did a search on the remote model and happened to find someone who just programs remotes. This man works mostly for high end home theater installers. I called him and he told me not to get the simpler remote. He could set up this remote. He did set up my remote and now I understand why they are worth so much, he did a really great job.

To make a very long story short, after swearing that they had an exchange there for me, I had to keep coming in to find that they didn't have one. I bought a new one and they agreed to refund the replacement one when it was delivered to me. It was never delivered. They insisted that I received my replacement and that I was not entitled to another one. If my time was worth minimum wage, I think I spent more than $900. worth of time getting my refund. I told my story to 14 different employees, and spent hours on hold. I was guaranteed on Friday that I would be called on back on Tuesday, and was never called. I was getting near the point of letting it go...$900.-!!!!

The worst was the attitude as if I was trying to pull something on them. The manager finally apologized. End of story.

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I hope you paid with a credit card. If so, call them for a charge back. Your story sounds similar to mine about Circuit City. I bought a nice big tv and surround sound from them at xmas time. I got home and opened the box and the tv was broke. I took it right back for exchange and was denied by some young kid called the Manager. He told me I broke the TV and they would loose money if they returned it. After a long discussion, I left the store with my broken tv. I made calls to the Corporate office and the store about my problem and I got the run around. I then called my credit card company and they are doing a charge back for me. The credit card is great to use for large purchases.

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Yes, I used a credit card, but that didn't solve my problem. I got the remote that I paid for, it was the replacement remote that was supposed to be sent that I didn't get. The real problem was that every time I called, I spoke to another person. Each time they had to verify the whole story and call me back. Well they didn't call me back.

I got the amount credited to my card, it's just that it took hours of fighting. When I returned the broken remote and bought a new one, I wanted to make sure that they would give me the money back when I return the free replacement remote. (Free, because I bought an extended service plan, that was not in dispute.) They assured me that they take back any unopened pack within 30 days anyway, no problem. The problem was that they said that I canceled the order for the replacement. Well I tried to, but they said that is was already shipped. Turns out that they canceled it afterwords.

There were so many ins and outs in this thing and they tried to make it sound like it was my indecisiveness. It wasn't.They kept telling me that they had a replacement there when they didn't. So I had to keep coming back.

My point is BEWARE! Or better yet, find someone else to do business with.

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Just as an FYI, disputing (charge back) a credit card charge isn't an end all it just provides an additional layer of protection for the consumer. Once you dispute a charge the merchant gets to have his say too. If the merchant can demonstrate that he provided the good or service in accordance with the terms of the sale, you may still be responsible for the charge. For example, if something is sold "as is" you likely won't be able to dispute the charge for a scratch.

When I took home an expensive TV, the merchant helped me open the box in the store because there were NO returns for "broken" screens after the TV went out the door. That's an understandable precaution of the part of the seller. If I drop the TV, the merchant shouldn't be responsible.

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Nine hundred bucks for a remote - WOW ! I didn't pay that much for either of my HD sets a 50" plasma and a 40" LCD . And my 50 dollar programmable Kameleon multi device remote does the job just fine . Then again I've always been a bang for the buck type of person , but still paying that much for a remote you'd think they would exchange it with no hassle whatsoever . I hope they didn't also stick you with overpriced ripoff monster cable ! Beware of these places , they look to swoop in like vultures on the people who don't do their online research and take full advantage and their promise of no hassle returns often comes with unspoken conditions attached .

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The $900.- remote was not my idea. My husband just had so many times when he was planning to watch a big game and was unable to get the system to work. The idea was that the remote would keep that from ever happening again. It didn't quite work out that way. These things are delicate and temperamental. I'm glad I got the service plan though.

You are right Mike K. the credit card company would not likely be able to help me, I'm not sure. The retailer had documentation that I was issued a gift card to pay for the remote and that I received a remote. What finally solved it was that I listed all the things that we agreed on.

1) I was entitled to a new remote
2) I returned the broken remote
3) The one I had in my possession was paid for by a credit card.
4) I was never sent a replacement one from them as promised.

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I have had little success dealing with BB. I went to the local BB back in October specifically to look at their Pioneer Kuro 60 inch plasma tv. Reputed to be the standard by which all flat screens are measured. At the time, they were the only local dealer and there it sat in all its $6,500 glory...not hooked up and a good $1,000 higher than other retailers. A month later I went back, still not hooked up so I asked a sales person about the tv but he could not have been less interested in talking to me or about the tv. 2 weeks before Christmas I stopped by and it was finally hooked up. What an amazing picture but again, an equally amazing lack of interest from the sales people. They also had Panasonic 58 800U priced at about $3,600. Another big box competitor (not Circuit city) had it for $2,900. When I finally got a sales person's attention, I asked about the marked price and if there were other discounts (I did not mention competitor pricing). The response was that the price was as marked. Then the sales person said to let himknow if I was interested in the unit and turnd and walked off.

Would I ever buy from BB? Yes but only if they were significantly less than their competition.

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That is exactly why I'm sad to see Circuit City go. We have always had great customer service with them. We would shop at BB; sit in their comfy chairs, ask a bunch of questions, play with all their stuff, then we would go purchase at Circuit City.

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