How to remove black adhesive from wood floor?

agurssJuly 8, 2014

Help, I just ripped out old carpet from my basement stairs, but there is still this black adhesive that is stubborn and will not come off with just a scrapper. I have heard several different suggestions i.e. heating it with a steamer, or using solvent ? This is older house built in the 40's.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.I have attached a photo.

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A wallpaper steamer worked well for me, and I had some pretty darn stubborn black adhesive. Some of it took multiple passes.

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This will potentially damage what finish is on the treads bu if youre not worried about that then a sharp scrapper works well. Does a number on your wrists/forearms buts its a good workout :)

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In the image it is showing very hard black spots on the floor. Is going to be very tough to remove it. Anyways first of all put some acid drops on it and leave it for 30 minutes. Then wash it with soap or other cleaner.

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