My Mom Died eight hours ago : (

prisscJune 4, 2006

My Dad and I took care of Mom for ten months , she had alzheimers , I moved to help my Dad leaving my husband to take care of himself for the time ...We took turns visiting each other once a month so that was good ......Mom never had a mean streak with the illness so common with alzheimers but of course it was awful anyway . I ate with then as time went by fed Mom her meals..She quit eating and drinking 3 days ago , unable to swallow any longer : ( but still i sat in there with her because i had been doing it for so long now it did not feel right not to be with her at supper tonight , half way through our meal my Mom quit breathing .... I called my Dad away from the table where he was having supper with other family members ...He came in and i said Dad i think Mom is dead ...and indeed she was .......I also had my brother check to make for sure 100% because when i huged Mom she made a breathing noise but my brother said yes Mom is dead .....i feel like i want to die now ... I can hardly stand the though of not having a Mom ......They came a hour latter and took Mom and there are no words to describe how awful that was .....well thats about it ...


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I'm very sorry about the loss of your mother. Just think that she isn't suffering now. I work with alzheimers patients every day & it is a terrible disease. Know that she was very lucky to have a daughter who would put her entire life on hold to be with her & she had her family around when she died. I hope you find peace in your heart.

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I am so sorry for your loss. You are brave to put a posting here, at such a time.

You Mum was lucky to have you with her, you did your best, she is not suffering any more, she is at peace.

Things always get better, you will have joy in your life again soon.

All the best to you.

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Prissc, I am so very sorry for the loss of your dear Mother. You are feeling the deepest sorrow, shock, and grief right now. I posted at the KT the same night my Dad passed away last October. Somehow putting it all down in words helped me to believe what had just happened right before my very eyes.

You were with her when she took her last breath and I hope you will find comfort knowing that you did your very best and that she was surrounded by your love and is now at peace.

Special Thoughts & prayers for you & your family.

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Prissc, I'm so sorry for the loss of your mom. I too, know exactly how you feel. My mom also had Alzheimers and died on June 3, 2004. She was never mean either. She stayed very sweet and tried to cooperate as best as she could. I was alone with my mom when she passed away very quickly also. My mom made that breathing sound also when my son picked her up to lay her in her bed. I think it is just the last bit of air in their bodies that is forced out. I take comfort in knowing that mom is finally at peace and not trapped in her body by that awful disease.
It is truly awful, isn't it? How old was your mom?
Again, I'm so sorry. It will be hard for you for a long time and I know you will probably do what I still do sometimes. I keep reliving those last days and the last moment of her life. They are memories which will probably always stay with me. I also have good memories, though. We should try to concentrate on our lifetime with our moms when our moms were vibrant and funny and productive etc.
You are truly a wonderful daughter to put your life on hold. You also must have a wonderfully understanding husband. I was lucky in that way, also. Thank God.
Take care and stay with us.

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You have my sympathies. What a wonderful mom you must have had to raise such a caring daughter.

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