Basic Surround Sound??

Linda RossJanuary 26, 2008

We are new to big screen TV's and surround sound. We want a nice system but we don't want the most $$$$, We have remodeled our family room and it is studs and insulation with wallboard coming this week. We are going to purchase a 50" LCD or Plasma TV to hang on the wall, have no idea which one. We want to watch movies and TV, no music. What to do now? We go to Best Buy and a bunch of surround sound speakers in box sets. Which to pick? Anything we need to know?

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whether you ge the SS now or not, RUN THE CABLES NOW!! get in wall rated speaker wire and run it to where you will put the speakers. i cannot stress this enough, you neeed the wire in before the sheetrock goes up, it will make life so much simpler come time to hook up everythign. while you are at it, run at least 2, preferably 4, RG6 coax and at least 1 CAT5 ethernet/telco line to teh place teh TV will go.

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I agree with davidandkasie. you should put the cables in before the sheetrock goes up. to accomplish this you need to decide where the tv & surround sound speakers are to be placed. if you are not sure about this, hire a local contractor who specializes in this. you might find one who will come to your house, size up the situation & give you a free estimate. Another option is to go to this website: They have a lot of info on the website about personal theater design. Incidentally, their prices are pretty good, although not the lowest, and ther customer service is terrific. In fact, if you called their 800 customer service #, you will probably get good answers to your questions.

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