Lose weight & Hypothyroid? Tell me

its_justmeFebruary 28, 2008

Ok....surely there is someone out there who is hypothyroid and has managed to lose the weight after becoming stable on medication. Tell me. Is there one medication that seems to work the best and I know, there is not one-size-fits-all, but what is the concensus on this??

Also, what is the secret to losing weight while being hypothyroid when all lab values are completely in the normal range?? Somebody, somewhere must have some information!!

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I can say that after going on my thyroid meds and stabilizing, I am able to lose weight whereas before I was not, but that's probably because I'm being much more serious about exercising and eating right.

Some of the stuff I've read said that people who have thyroid conditions also tend to have insulin resistance issues. That means that you tend to crave carbs a lot more than the average person...which means you end up putting on a lot more weight. I can say with some certainty that I lost the most weight while on a low-carb diet, and I stopped craving carbs while I was on it. But it was pretty tough (especially for a vegetarian), so I only did it for a short time. I have found that it's easy for me to maintain my weight once I hit a certain weight -- it's just getting down to that weight that is tough.

Exercise for me is the main key. Every day. Every single day, for at least half an hour. If you're not exercising, then you're not going to lose weight. Resign yourself to that. Diet alone won't do it.

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It seems that people taking Armour thyroid have better luck losing weight than those on synthetic T4 like Synthroid.

There is some speculation that the T2 in Armour helps with weight loss. (see link)

I have Hashimotos and am still trying to find out what works for me...I had some setbacks due to adrenal problems which are now being addressed. Just restarted Armour and am hoping I will be able to get my weight down soon.

Here is a link that might be useful: T2 Helps with Weight Loss

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