can some one help please???

sheebahJune 29, 2006

Hello, I just replied earlier to the message on ''signs'' I would love to show you all the photo of my pond and the fountain that turned into a heartshape for 1 hour after my daughter passed, does anyone know how to post that photo??

I have it uploaded on the Flick'r site.

Many thanks


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Hi Martha,

Click on the picture to open it up in Flickr. Then right-click on it to display a menu.

Click on Properties. Another box will open.

Copy (Ctrl+C) the Address (URL).

Then go to the post where you want to place the picture.

Type the following:

(img src="_________________") EXCEPT don't use the parentheses. Instead, use these: . I can't type them in that way because they would disappear--as yours will if you do it right. And paste the URL (Ctrl+V) where I have the line. (Delete the line.) Be sure to pay attention to spacing and quotation marks.

If my directions are too confusing, give me the address of your Flickr site and I'll do it for you.


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Hi Susan, thank you so much for your directions, I have now downloaded the picture under "signs"

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Martha, I just saw your picture that you posted, and also commented. I'm so happy that you got this sign from your daughter. I know that it must really give you a lot of comfort!!

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Glad you had success with it, Martha. Just so you know, when you preview your post, the photo should appear in it. If it doesn't (if you just see the code you typed in), you'll know something's wrong and you should start again.


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Martha...I just saw your photo. How wonderful! I'm absolutely sure your daughter was telling you that she was near you.

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HI, I just posted another pic of the fountain under" signs" it shows how the fountain is normally, just a dome shape, it only changed in the heart shape that sunday, and it never happened again since.

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