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mike2305February 17, 2007

Taking asprin regularly may make you up to 50 per cent less likely to develop colon or rectal cancer.

A massive study of 6,217 people conducted at four major medical institutions in the United States revealed that people who took asprin at least four times a week had half the risk of developing colorectal cancer when compared with others who never took asprin, or those who only used it occasionally.

Explaining the findings, Dr Paul Stolley, professor of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, said: "It seems that asprin may inhibit the formation of substances in the body called prostaglandins which are known to play a role in the growth of tumours".

Added Dr William Castell,an expert in preventive medicine at Harvard Medical School and director of the famed Framingham Heart Study: " Taking asprin four times a week would not only help reduce the risk of large bowel caner, but also reduce the risk of heart attacks and heart diseases."

A word of caution, however, before you rush off to buy asprin, check with your gp, it can cause stomach bleeding if you are prone to ulcers.

Aspin tablets are usually 300mg per tablet, and many experts regard 75mg enough to reduce the risk of the above diseases, so by breaking one tablet into four and taking 75mg four times per week would be a good idea, provided you have no history of stomach problems.

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Let's use a bit of logic and physiology to refute this ad claims one at a time.

Claim #1: Provides more Available Oxygen
You cannot absorb oxygen through your gut. That's why you breathe.

Claim #2: Works to Detoxify the Body
Not sure exactly what they are talking about here. But in general, unless you are ingesting or breathing high levels of toxins, the body is quite able to detoxify itself, as long as you're healthy. If you have liver or kidney problems (the organs that do most of the body's detoxification), then water can only help so much. And it doesn't need to be ionized water, plain old H2O will do fine (not IV though, that would be bad).

Claim #3: Reverses Acid Build Up which causes aging
First of all, the body is quite good at maintaining acid-base balance, unless you are sick. If you do have acidosis or alkalosis, then large quantities of fluids and electrolytes may save your life, IF and only IF the underlying disease is also correctable. Secondly, nobody knows what causes aging, so any claims that any product can reverse aging are false.

The other claims- comes straight from the tap, tastes great, helps make you feel energized, keeps you looking and feeling younger, helps cure health conditions, less expensive and better for environment than bottled water- are true of plain old water as well. You don't need fancy ionizers to get all those health benefits of water.

Save your money. Drink water. Exercise. Eat right. Think. Don't smoke. Drink only with moderation if at all. Stop and smell the roses. Those things will keep you looking and feeling young better than any quack health fixes.

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Everyone is going to age. No one escapes. And there is no way under the sun that anyone can tell how you would age if you did or didn't do certain things. There is no certain way to measure such a process. So claims that something like fancy water can "slow" down aging are false to begin with.

There was once a man that had a following of people that believed that standing on one's head for a certain period every day would cause the blood flow to the brain to increase, thereby prolonging life and making a person younger. Needless to say, he died just like everyone else did. He aged.

Drink water. Exercise. Eat wisely of good wholesome food. The body is a marvelous thing.

And mike2305, are you still trying to get people to buy things from your website?

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Good question agnespuffin.
Suggesting that people swallow aspirin without doctors ok is a dangerous thing to do. As with all medications as well as supplements their may or may not be adverse reactions to contend with.
Just because it is sold over the counter or in a health food store does not make them safe.
combining different meds and supplements is a dangerous thing to do and very well could kill you.

As always buyer beware and check with your doctor before using any medicines or supplemnets, especially when they make rediculous, miraculous cures and preventions.

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mike2305, you might want to check out some of the books on cancer that are out there, one especially good one I've found recently is by Russell Blaylock if you have a genuine interest on the subject. He has quite a bit of info on how they grow etc. especially in Natural Strategies For Cancer Patients. Lots of other info as well. I'm not sure an aspirin supplement or ionized water is going to do all that much of anything alone. Just a thought

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agnespuffin, I would assume he is, since if you go to his member page, his website is listed to visit under the guise of learn more about me stuff.

Would suggest that this poster be ignored as nothing more than an attempt to get you to his website to buy his products, even after he posts seeking help for a medical problem.

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