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pinch_meJanuary 16, 2010

The digital TV reception in my area can be nearly nonexistant. For instance tonight I am able to get two stations. One showing OLD movies -John Wayne- and one showing reruns of some program I can't identify. I haven't seen an updated news cast for 3 or 4 days. IF the weather is not perfect, no TV for me. I have a more than adequet antenna. I have 5 tv sets; some digital ready, some with the converter box. And I often loose signal half way into a program. The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) has produced a TV spot informing viewers of discussions in Washington that could limit free, over-the-air broadcast television. I read a very good article explaining why over the air was going to have to go to pay as you go. No one to pay the bills for OTA TV.

So it seems to me that going to digital tv was a plan from the git go to make everyone pay for tv. And if I don't get reception now, how will I get it when I have to pay for it?

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What you are experiencing is outrageous, and it is, in my opinion, just the tip of the iceberg. Just one manifestation of the long arm of the "Reagan Revolution."

Unless and until a sufficiently large number of voting citizens, go to the polls and kick out the politians that are wedded to corporate interests that have dominated our lives and picked out pockets, don't expect the situation to improve.

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We are so far down the slippery slope I see no hope of saving ourselves. We've given the inch so many times, it's taken for granted we will give a mile without question.

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Put aside all the political rhetoric for a moment, and do a couple of things to help yourself: Show us what is available in your area by following the link below and entering your information, then pasting the results on this site: You may believe that you have an adequate antenna system, but you may have other issues that are preventing you from getting good reception, such as an an inadequate distribution system or an attic-mounted antenna. I am quite certain that we can get you proper TV reception.

Here is a link that might be useful: TVFool link.

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I've done that thing so many times I can find it by myself. My tv store did it THREE times for me. I need a roof top antenna. No joke!My antenna is 10 feet higher than my roof now. Stations come and go while I'm trying to watch a program. I lost the same channel every morning at 5:05 so now I try another more distant one that I sometimes can get. Ajdust my antenna. Ya, right. I'll change my antenna every few seconds. Why bother? I have internet. BTW I am not the only one experiencing this phenomena. It's the main topic at work at least twice a week when someone askes if anyone saw some program they wish they could see. I don't even have any program that I can follow anymore.

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Your TV store is likely to be clueless about digital reception: fill out the link that I gave you, tell us what you have for an antenna, and let me help: I moderate several TV reception forums, and haven't found a situation that I can't help yet.

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Will your solution also work for others within a 40 mile radius?

Here is a link that might be useful: result

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Thanks for your report: it tells me that you are about 65 miles from the Des Moines transmitters, and that you have a moderately strong signal available to you from those transmitters. A properly designed antenna and distribution system should give you reliable reception of all of those stations.

Whoever installed this antenna system needed to pay particular attention to your distribution system: when distributing signal to 5 TV sets, it is imperative that there is enough antenna mounted on the roof, and that there is sufficient amplification in the system to me insure that each TV set is provided with enough signal to operate reliably.

If you don't know what kind of antenna that you have on the roof, snap a picture of it and post it on here: I should be able to identify it. After June 12, 2009, many stations reverted from UHF to VHF digital transmission, and Des Moines now has 4 VHF digital stations: A wrong antenna choice will adversely affect your reception, as will a poorly designed distribution system.

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But the "I wonder" question remains, why can't "anyone" in this area get good reception? Yesterday was high wind warning. The first comment at work was, well, no TV tonight with this wind. I don't know why I can get good receition on occastion and on a perfectly beautiful day, not. It goes without saying if there is rain, snow, sleet, wind, fog, light or dark, chances are if I can pull in a station I can't keep it.

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The most likely scenario is that you don't have enough antenna for all conditions, which is why I need to know what kind of antenna you have, and what kind of preamplifier and/or amplifier you have.

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