Home Theatre - Where do I connect the audio?

ctghostJanuary 5, 2008

I purchased a Sony Bravia DLP TV and Sony Home Theatre system. I also have cable tv that uses a cable company suppled DVR/Cable Box.

I am having trouble understanding the hook-up connections for the audio part of the Home Theatre system. Where do I connect the Hi-Tech Audio connectors? Do I connect them to the DVR or the Television? I would also like to add a VCR and DVD Player but, don't want to try until I get this straightened out.


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it all depends on your components. some HT's have all the input connections onthe back, then out to the TV. some only have a single in/out to/from the tv and you tie all other things(VCR DVD player) to another input on the TV itself.

my TV has 6 inputs on the back, my JVC HT has 8 audio/video inputs on it but none are HDMI. so i have everything going to my TV(HMDI 1,2,3, Video 1,2,3) and then a singel digital audio out of the TV to the HT so that no matter what i am watching i can hear it over the surround sound system.

before i got my HD tv, everything wired first to teh JVC, then only a single RCA out to the video in of my old CRT tv. since the new stuff supports HDMi and my HT does not, i had to rewire everything.

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