TV lift

sunroomguyJanuary 3, 2008

Has anyone had experience with any of the motorized lift systems to conceal a TV in a cabinet?

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What do you need to know?

I use them regularly in my business...

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I looked online at some companies and options. It all seemed so expensive to me. The lift and cabinet to put it in were more expensive even than a nice TV to put in it. I decided it wasn't worth it. YMMV

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In 2002, I bought a lift mechanism from Auton and had it shipped to my cousin in NJ, who builds furniture for a living. He built a cabinet to my specs that fits at the foot of our bed and holds a 32" RCA TV with built-in VCR and DVD players. On either side of the TV, the top of the cabinet slides out to permit us to store our pillows inside the cabinet. When raised, the TV swivels to allow us to watch the TV while sitting in adjacent armchairs.

This wasn't a cheap solution but we love the way it's worked out. I guess we're just a bit obsessed about TVs, specifically having them out of sight when not in use. We have 12: three are in guest bedroom armoires, two are in cabinets (laundry and project rooms), one is behind a two-way mirror in the master bath, one is hung below an upper cabinet in the kitchen and flips up out of sight, the family room TV is a recessed plasma that's concealed behind a painting that descends using another Auton lift and the lanai TV is mounted to a pole which is raised to ceiling level when not in use and then descends to viewing height using an Auton lift. The only two that aren't concealed are on mounts close to the ceiling in the game room and the exercise room.

Now, if we could only find a way to store all those remotes!


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Dear Bob,
I am having a cabinet made for a 55" plasma tv. Hoping to find out how your Auton lift is working since 2002. So many choices of motorized lifts and I'm just not sure which one will be the most reliable.

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