Speakers -- worth it to repair?

nancy4birdsJanuary 22, 2009

Our stereo speakers started sounding bad a while back so we took them in to see if they could be repaired. Evidently the subwoofer has a tear plus a few other things to be repaired. He said he could repair all 3 speakers for $250. Is it worth it? We paid about $1100 for the 3 speakers originally in 1991. Here are the specs:

(1) Infinity SSW-10 Servo Subwoofer

(2) Infinity Infinitesimal IV speakers

Any advice you can give me would be appreciated. --Nancy

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You might look in your local phone book to see if there's a do-it-yourself speaker shop in the area; or seach the internet for replacement drivers. These are the actual speakers within the speaker cabinet. If you can order them and are reasonably handy, it's not too hard to replace them. I have some older Infinity speakers (1981?), and I just had to have the foam rings on the woofers replaced several years ago. (I took the woofers out of the cabinets and brought them to the shop.) It was certainly worth it to me as I like the speakers, and they still sound great. You might look around at new speakers and see if you hear anything you like better, for close to the repair price.

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If you are real handy, you can do an internet search and get foam edge repair kits at a very reasonable price compared to new speakers. They even include instructions on doing it.

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