flat panel TV on ceiling?

smurfsdadJanuary 26, 2008

I'm planning a bedroom remodel. I now have a built in tv up high in a corner. I'm thinking of mounting a flat panel tv flat against the ceiling above the bed. Anyone done this. Does anyone see any drawbacks? Thought I'd bounce it off you folks.

Thanks, Smurfsdad

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Some kinds of flat-panel units (plasma for sure) are not supposed to be turned at too far an angle from vertical orientation when shipping, and probably not mounted that way either. The weight of the glass can cause it to break. LCD may not be as critical. You should thoroughly investigate the specific models you are considering in regards to their usage/mounting requirements.

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Thanks Dadoes, appreciate your input.

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Problem is you have to watch with your head tilted up. I realize you're probably going to be lying in bed, but even so. Try a test--put up a piece of cardboard where you'd like the TV to be. Lie in bed. See if you can comfortably look at that pieceof cardboard for hours on end (or even 30 minutes).

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Plasma's are not supposed to be shipped in a horzontal position be it on it's back or face. I would be concerned about the stress on the glass as well as the possible discomfort to you watching the tv.

Call Panasonic and ask them .

Not to mention the outside chance if it ever decided to FALL !

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It honestly sounds like a bad idea....

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