Connecting my system together.Help needed!

tonbiakJanuary 18, 2007

Hi, I am new here and I have tried to find an answer to my questions on connecting my system together in other responses in the forum and have not been able to find them. I hope that you can help.

I have an older yet serviceable HT set and I have a DVD/VHS combo unit and cable that has a descrambling box. I have recently bought a HD TV and am looking at buying a upconvert DVD recorder( I don't have the $$$ for blue ray) and need to connect them all together. I have read the manuals for the HT, DVD/VHS and HDTV.

I am thinking about connecting them as follows:

I would connect the cable box coaxial cable to the DVD/VHS and then coaxial cable to the TV.

I would then connect the DVD/VHS to the TV's audio/video inlet using AV cables.

I would then connect the upconvert DVD recorder using the HDMI ports to the TV.

I would then connect the TV to the HT using the optical digital audio ports.

This would use the TV as the hub and the HT as an amp for surround sound. Would this work?

And second with this set-up is there a way to connect the DVD/VHS to the upconvert DVD recorder so that I can make DVD's of our family VHS tapes.

Thanks for reading this long winded question.


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Need more product info to give you a good answer.

HT receiver pass component video?

HT receiver pass composite video(yellow RCA or S-video)?

DVD/VCR combo have progressive scan on DVD side only?

HT receiver have DD/DTS decoding (toslink or coaxial)?

Which HDTV do you have?

Planning on HD cable box?

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Hi ktkelly, I take it from your questions that you feel that I need to use the HT as the hub instead of the TV? Here is the information about the units.
HT does not pass componet video, it does pass composit video (both yellow RCA and S-video). The DVD/VHS does not have progressive scan. HT receiver does have DD/DTS decoding through coaxial cable. I have the Samsung DLP HL-S6187W. I may get a HD cable box when the cable company offers more than 5 or 6 channels.
Thanks for your time.

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I connected the system as I outlined above and it worked out great.

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