Install new cable outlet for TV

nitlsuJanuary 27, 2008

The cable outlet we have is on the opposite wall as the TV. Currently we are running cable along the baseboards from across the room. I would like to have a new cable outlet installed on the wall behind the TV.

We have the dish on the roof on the back of our house and the cable goes to a central electrical/cable box in the master closet and then from there to the various rooms which have the cable TV outlets.

I had some questions...

1. Is this something I can do easily? If so is there any reference/instructions?

2. If I have to hire a pro - what's my best bet and what $$$ range am I looking at?

Thanks a bunch.

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well, running inthe attic/crawlspace si usually not too hard. the hard part is fishing down the wall, esp if it is an exterior wall. you simply run the cable fromteh desired location to the wiring closet, then hook it up to the port your existing jack was using.

if you want to hire it out, call some alarm companies, they will be cheaper than an electrician, but it still won't be cheap unless this is super easy.

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