PMS - Is there a pill for moodiness?

jlj48February 7, 2006

I seem to be horrible to my family right before my period. Other pms symptoms I can deal with, but I am tired of flying off the handle and saying mean things to the ones I love. I notice it is happening around a week prior to my period. I am 40. Does anyone have any advice for me? I would love to take something in pill form to help. Thanks.

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Talk to your gynecologist about this. He/she needs to know and there may be something that he would like for you to take. If you are retaining fluids, a diurectic can ease that problem and make things a little better.

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Mood changes are a part of being a woman and every day stress doesn't help... The stress formula vitamins helped me a bit... And a day at the spa for a sauna and massage did wonders but that can get expensive... The best way I found to combat the problem was bite my tongue and go hide in the computer room because everyone knew not to bother me there... You may want to warn your family that it'll get worse when you go through the change... lol

I'm kidding, it doesn't effect everyone that way... But if your doctor does suggest estrogen and you smoke make sure he/she knows, so the dose can be adjusted... High doses of estrogen will cause strokes in heavy smokers...

Just hang in there Joanie, millions of women go through the same thing and their families survive... LOL


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Not a pill, but how about a shot that prevents pregnancy AND periods, including the PMS symptoms? Depo-provera does all that. I've been on it for many years. There is a risk of osteosporosis, so if you have any other risk factors then it may not be right for you. But one shot in the butt every 3 months is really easy, unless you're not so good with needles. Then I'm all out of suggestions. I started the Depo because of my terrible PMS and first day of period. I would be a nasty witch until it started, then I'd be doubled over in pain, nauseaous, pass out, and on a really good month vomit too. That was fun. I tried birth control pills, many different doses/regimens and they didn't help. But the Depo does.
Just something to think about. I know it's not a pill, and I don't know if the non-pregnancy thing is even something you're looking for, but I did want to offer something that works for me.

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Thank you all for your suggestions. No I don't smoke, so that is not a concern with estrogen. And my husband has been neutered (HA HA) so pregnancy is not a concern either. I do cramp with my cycle, retain water, and get bad headaches, but it is not unmangeable. My moodiness seems to. If I could get ahead of it and bite my tongue, that would be great. But I would still just be so angry. It is a good hard week for my family. Now I hate to share the next part, but I just have to. I haven't been to the Dr. since my almost 4 year old was born. Yeah, I know, I know. I plan to, I really do. But with the pregnancy thing not a concern, and the exams being so not fun, I have just put it off. I have also moved across the country, lost both of my parents, and now we are moving again in a couple months to a new city. The plan is to get in for a complete physical after we are moved and the kids are in school. I am shooting for the early fall. I was just looking for some advice in the meantime and possibly something over the counter that someone has tried that works for them. Thanks everyone.

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You have a load on your shoulders!!! Make it easier on yourself by getting a good physical NOW. It's been too long since you have had a check up. The longer things like stess, moodiness go on, the harder it is to change. You're going to have a lot of work to do. Anything you can get to help will help lighten the load.
Take care of yourself

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What is your opinion of someone who thinks you're using PMS and menopause symptoms as an excuse for your behavior?

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Cheerful, anyone who thinks that is ignorant! Think about all the mammals, and about cave women, then try to figure out why your hormones change you. When your body has passed the point of being able to conceive that month, you don't want to be approached. Time is over for that cycle. You don't want to be messed with. Seems like all animals are receptive up to a point in their cycle, and then are not. There is a definite time that receptivity ends and "Keep your distance" begins. I call that in female humans PMS. So educate your family; we are normal females!

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Why does everyone want a magic bullet for everything? All medicine has side effects! Maybe you won't notice those side effects for years down the road and maybe they will show up right away, but either way, there are "side effects". Maybe those side effects will be your worst nightmare, now or in the future.

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How about trying some extra calcium and Vit D? Unless your lactose intolerant, I would bet trying a couple extra helpings of milk, yogurt, or chesse couldn't hurt.

Here is a link that might be useful: Calcium, Vitamin D May Prevent PMS

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What I would recommend is redirecting your thoughts to pleasant things and go shopping or for a long walk. I don't get moody, but I do get depress because of my family and doing what I suggested works for me.

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Remember your hormones are all made from cholesterol so if you are on a cholesterol restricted diet or on statin there is your problem.
Eat a few more eggs to up your cholesterol

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