Can someone explain to me what is apple tv

LybanJanuary 8, 2012

What can that do for me.

I have a pc with windows and my home is set up with a router for wireless

If I had an apple tv box what would it do for me.

I am trying to keep up with all the new things but I fear they are getting away from me.

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Apple TV is a digital media player, or receiver, for internet streaming of video and audio media, as well as local area network playback.

Basically the same as Roku, or several other of the media players now built into most Blu-Ray DVD players and internet connected televisions.

Quite frankly, it has never been known as one of Apple's more successful products. Media players require two prerequisites to be successful: ability to provide high quality display of various files and streaming formats, and access to content and service providers of program material that people really want to watch.

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Thanks fot that info. It does not sound like something i need.
Maybe just a blu ray would be better.

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I don't think it's necessary. An apple computer is, but as far as all the other crap, I would stick to the basics.

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planning to arrange you room looks beautiful.

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Uh, yeah. As someone who actually owns it, quality is high, you can rent tons of movies on iTunes cheaper than on -demand from cable and you get Netflix access plus lots of other stuff. You can also stream your music to your LR or look at your photos or whatever.

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I use mine literally everyday. Whether for renting movies or listening to Internet radio. Or streaming my personal music from my MacBook. I love how the screensaver uses your personal photos, this great when you have guests over, turn on some music, and put up your latest vacay pics in the background. Good discussion grabber without boring everyone to tears.

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