Audio for big reflective room?

camnewmexicoJanuary 27, 2007

I have an 18 x 35x 12' studio...all reflective surfaces...drywall, 12 skylights, concrete floors...nothing to absorb sound. I love to listen to music while I paint and like to crank it up sometimes. I have an old Kenwood amp and tuner and two JBL speakers...but we put wires in the four upper corners for speakers. Now I need at least four new speakers and maybe a whole new system since the Kenwood only has two channels.

I worry that the sound will be garbled with all this reflective surface. I also want sound to fill the room since I work all over it and won't have one particular listening point like a home theater system.

Anyone have any suggestions for this situation?

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If you're that serious about the quality of the sound, you should put some soft surfaces into the room to balance things out: wall hangings, area rugs, or some upholstered furniture. If that won't work, however, might you do better with a system that can power multiple pairs of speakers, placed throughout the room? Or might you be even better off with an iPod or portable CD player and some comfortable headphones that go wherever you go in the room?

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