New construction - HDMI in the wall?

schreibdaveJanuary 17, 2009

We are building a new house and had the builder put speaker cable in the walls and also put an outlet and cable tv jack over the fireplace where our TV will go. The components (DVD player, surround sound receiver, cable tv box) will go in a built in bookcase next to the fireplace.

Right now the walls are sheetrocked and painted, trim is done and bookcases are built - and the builder points out that we didnt specify to have a HDMI cable run from the components to the TV.

Here's my questiion - do I need an HDMI cable going between the TV and the place where all the other components are? Or can I have the components all hooked together using whatever kind of cable and then just have a coaxial cable wire go from the cable box to the TV?

It would be possible to get an HDMI cable to the place where the TV is, but not easy.

Besides the Panasonic Viera TV, I dont yet own any of the other components. Thanks in adavance.

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i fyou plan on having HDTV or using a BluRay player then you will need HDMI. coax/rca cables will not provide HD properly.

better than having a certain cable put in teh wall right now, you should have him run a 1" PVC between teh 2 locations so that you can easily fish anything needed later. heck, 10 years from now there is no telling what the cable standard will be.

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Yes, you need hdmi -- maybe several. Running conduit would be a good idea.

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