dvr- sat- tv hookup (please help!)

bluezephyrJanuary 23, 2008

This is embarrassing but I can't get the dvr to record and playback correctly- I'm only getting audio recorded.

Here's the setup:

RF cable from SatDish to SatBox

RF cable fom SatBox to TV

RCA cable from SatBox-Out to DVR AV-In

RCA cable from DVR AV-Out to TV AV-In

What I'm getting is audio recorded but not video. Any ideas? Thank you for any suggestions.

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maybe you have a bad RCA cable, the video is onthe yellow jacks, so temporarily swap teh red and yellow cabels at each ed and see if you get video but lose right side audio. same thing onthe cable fromthe DVR to the TV, but do not swap this and the one from RX to DVR at the same time, do one at a time to see which it is.

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Thanks for the reply. I'll give this a shot. Much appreciated.

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