Inputs on new TVs

bus_driverJanuary 24, 2010

Looked today at the ads for 19" TVs. One listed only PC input, another one each HDMI and PC. I suppose PC means Personal Computer, a USB connection? If a person needed one of these TVs to monitor only a video signal from the yellow RCA plug, how would the hookup be made? Is there an adapter matching HDMI to other inputs?

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In partial answer to my own question, there are indeed adapter cables for HDMI to RCA connectors. Anyone used them? Your comments are still welcome.

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PC connections are the 15 pin connector just like your standrad computer monitor connection to your computer. most flat panels have at least RCA inputs, though some dont so read the specs on the box.

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what device are you using that has a yellow rca video out jack? A vcr?


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Yes, a VCR, among other things. Why does the exact device matter?

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I now have a cable assembly, purchased online, that has HDMI at one end. The other end is 5 RCA plugs. No instructions with the cable. The plugs are (in no particular order) green, blue, red, white, yellow. I know that component video ordinarily uses green, blue, red, audio would ordinarily use white and red. Other hookups would use yellow for video, red and white for audio. I have a DVD player with both output hookups. How does one hookup this cable?

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Update. I tried every combination of hookup of the HDMI-to-RCA adapter. Nothing worked. While I do not know for sure, one explanation is that the RCA jacks have analog output and HDMI is for digital input. If that is true, adapter cable alone will not do the job.

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You are correct the RCA (commonly called composite) video signal is analog and not directly compatible with either PC (commonly called vga) which is analog or HDMI which is digital. They do make convertors. It sounds like you are attempting to use a computer monitor as a video screen? Most all tv's even digital tv's have composite input's.

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the HDMI is one of the best quality but only for newer electronics.

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