HYPERrthyroidism & Overweight

sneakyplantFebruary 6, 2006

Is this even possible? I've gained quite a bit of weight over the last two years. Went to the doctor and he agreed to run a TSH, T3, and T4. Well, I got a copy of my results from the lab today and it says I have Hyperthyroidism. I'm overweight! How's this possible? I've got a follow-up with my doctor in a couple of weeks, but I thought I would see if anyone has heard of this.



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I haven't, but I suppose it's possible. But hyperthyroidism means that your metabolism is running too fast, so the usual course is to lose weight. When I got Graves disease and became hyperthyroid, the weight dropped off fast, though not permanently. Now that I've been treated and am hypothyroid, I have the opposite problem.

Good luck in figuring out what's going on.

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Well, I got some time today and did a Google. Turns out 10% of people with Hyper gain weight. Guess I'm in that lucky 10%! Now I'm worried that getting treatment for my Hyper will make me fatter. *sigh* I just can't win.

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Check out this introduction article on Overweight:

* 1 Definition
* 2 Measurement
* 3 Health
* 4 Cause
* 5 Treatment

Here is a link that might be useful: Articleworld

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i have had hypothyroidism for along time now am glad to have found someone to talk to that can relate! i have alot of things going on, like weight gain,muscel weakness,palpatations and a number of other things! what i would like to know is if anyone has a problem walking? Not everyday but more often then not?I am currently seeing a doctor in Boston to fiind some answers! looking for any relief!living with this is extremly more difficult as time passes. If anyone has any advice besides the norm please tell

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