'PAIN'? But, not in the back.????

betty_the_villagesFebruary 3, 2005


I am posting on a new idea now. Maybe ..just maybe some one will see the word "pain" and let me know if they have ever had this lower abdomon pain.

I have had it for over 20 days now. The doctors have taken many tests and find nothing. Arthritis showed up on my spine on an x-ray...but my back does not pain.

All my constant pain is in my lower abdoman..straight across and real close to my leg joints, but not in my hips.

If I stand up straight there is not much pain. If I sit or try to stand up it hurts a lot. Or just bend over.

Hope someone has an idea what it could be?

Betty in Florida

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I was checked for that. It has been rulled out.
The doctor stood me up in front of him. and said pull your pants down. He was putting rubber gloves on. (I was so embarrased:-).He had me cough and cough and he pushed in different places. No Hernia.
Betty in Florida

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When I had pain, they wanted to check for hernia, gall stones, or whatever could be causing it. In my case, they did an ultrasound and ruled it out.

(in my case, I had injured a tendon and they gave me an anti-inflammatory injection into it until it could heal on its own but it felt like gallstones)

Have they done anything besides the X-ray and cough test?

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They did a cat scan too. A few days ago they did a MRI...I have not heard from that as yet. They have rilled out so many things.
I am starting to think perhaps it is "Gastroenitis."
I see my doctor on Monday...I will ask him if it could be. But, he may have the results of the MRI by then.
Betty in Florida

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I apoligize for not writing sooner. We have been busy and away for about 2 weeks and in and out of the house.
The MRI showed nothing wrong.
I went to see my doctor and from all the tests it revealed that it has to be Diverticulitus. I guess that is better than having something worse. So far the pain has not come back. But I do notice I can not get out of a chair as quickly as I did....Betty in Florida

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