sanding and refinishing wood floors from water damage- round 2

lowjo1July 4, 2011

We put on an addition 5 years ago. Oak floors throughout first floor. Last summer, the dishwasher hose exploded causing damage to the kitchen floor. We had to have the floor in the entire back of the house sanded down and refinished. Months later (can't remember exactly how long it took), the floor buckled again. We now have to have it refinished again. The refinisher said it must not have been dry enough the last time. I know he tested it with that tester that gives you a number for how dry the wood is before he refinished them last summer. I remember he said that the number was ok (a little on the higher side, but ok to do).

One year later and we want to try again. Note that this refinisher/installer comes highly recommended by several people we know. I am concerned, however, that the floors will buckle again. We did not run it thru insurance last time(big regret) because we had our siding replaced recently and were concerned about too many claims being submitted. So the sanding and refnishing is $1300 a pop.

What do you advise in this situation?

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I would first look for a slow leak from the dishwasher.
Why do you have to do the entire area? After the short amount of lapsed time you've given. I would think a blend in rather than a full sanding would work unless there is no logical cut off.

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It was a tube busting from the dishwasher that caused the initial damage. All the tubing was fixed. No water coming from the dishwasher now. It has been one year since we refinished it last. Hopefully one more year has given it adequate time to dry.

I was frustrated by the amount that had to be refinished. We have an open floor plan and the only possible place to cut it off was the front part of ths house.

Guess we'll go ahead with round 2.

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Try having the moisture content of the subfloor checked using an electrode with long pins. Floor systems can take a long time to dry out but you do not want to do the repair untill the whole floor system is dry enough.

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