Has anyone lost an adult child?

mid_penJune 18, 2013

I don't know how to deal with the sadness I'm feeling. The ache in my heart is unbearable.

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Hi Mid Pen,

I have all the pain and feelings you are experiencing, my heart is broken and sore and I keep breaking down with tears and find my life unbearable.

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I keep thinking, "How will we go on? How will we have Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, all the firsts since her death?" It seems beyond what I can imagine and it literally makes my heart hurt to think of it all. How old was your child? Mine was 37.

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33 with three grandchildren 2,4,8. If it was not for my wife and two sons 20,25. I really don't think my life would be worth continuing.

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Mine had no children. I think it would be easier, somehow, if she'd have had children because I'd have them to hold on to, but how awful it must be for those little ones. When I think that I'll never see her again, it just overwhelms me.

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My FIL never did get over his daughter dying. I think he mourned for her everyday. She had 5 children but they never knew how to respect anyone. So sad. Such a wonderful man.

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