Movies/music/interent is it possible

imwishingJanuary 18, 2009

I am in the middle of a kitchen redo- I was hoping to have a 37 in lcd in the kitchen that i could have connected to a computer (as a monitor) so that i could post my google calendar , kids pix scrolling away, and espn 360, and the tv shows they are showing online. Then - I did some research and found out about netflix streaming. I would also like to have music in the other parts of the house . and it would be great to be able to watch "on demand" dvd/blue ray on other tv's in my house- The GC has installed 2 ceiling speakers in the kitchen- and i was going to put some surround sound speaker in the basement den adn then in the family room-

I have been doing tons of research- but it is like reading another language to me- I have read about Roku, sonos, linksys, transporter, x-10 , vista media , extenders and streamers- so it seems i can do - individually- all the things i want- i just don't get the best way or least equipment way to do it-

that being said- I have no idea what to do- there is so much out there -any help or advise is deeply appreciated-

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hire a real hoem entertainment/automation designer to at least get you a list of what is best for your situation. do not just go down to the local discount store and ask them, as you will be lucky if anythign works then!

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Look into Sony Playstation 3. Cheap enough (compared to other similarly capable stuff) to install on each TV. They are WiFi equipped and can do all you mention and more. Plus you'll get a Blu-Ray with each.

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thank you

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Apple TV.
Then you can do your iTunes, YouTube, NetFlix, all your photos, internet radio. We LOVE ours. Hope this helps!

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Does the Apple TV accept a keyboard and mouse for internet browsing?

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No Gary. There's no browsing. The keyboard is virtual and is accessed via the remote. The cool thig about it for us is that we're getting rid of cable tv and going to antenna. You can see my post about that on this same board. Anyway, Apple TV still allows us to buy or rent HD movies. To watch streaming movies instantly via Netflix. And to view YouTube and listen to your iTunes including internet radio (which is the future of radio not satellite). Also, I rip all my movies to iTunes and so our entire movie library is ready to be viewed.

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Here is a link that might be useful: MASH DVDS

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