Here's a Blu-Ray fact they don't tell you

sombreuil_mongrelJanuary 13, 2009

I have learned that not all BluRay discs are playable in all BluRay players. Since the technology is still under development, and new "features" get added to enhance viewing enjoyment, players often are unable to read the disc properly.

My BluRay player requires "firmware" updates loaded via a thumb drive. The time between when a disc is released and when the manufacturer (sharp, in my case) comes up with a fix to enable it to be played, can be several months.

Ain't technology great?


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I have a Sony and have not had a problem with playing any disks.It can recieve firmware updates by hooking it up to the internet.Or Sony will send a disk in the mail.I ordered the disk rather then dealing with running a ethernet cable to the Player.No charge not even shipping charges for the disk.It worked with every disk I tried but I went ahead and installed the update.

My only complaint with Blu-ray is the lack of movies and the higher cost.

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Only older Blu Ray players that are 1.3 and not 2.0 need to be updated. Most current 2009 models are already 2.0 and will be coming out in April-June timeframe. CES has several articles about this.

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