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SQUISHMay 3, 2005

I know this has absolutly nothing to do with grieving, but I do have a problem if anyone could help. I have a neighbor that I have become pretty good friends with. They are a good person who would do anything for you, but the problem is, they like to gossip.And I MEAN GOSSIP. I have always known this and have tried to steer clear of any of it. Just recently my name was brought up in a conversation that I said something that I did not exactly say. Things were added to it, and so on. Anyway, supposively my neighbor is the source. I have always been warned about my neighbors' gossip problem and to be careful around them, but I guess I fell into a trap. After I confronted my neighbor about the rumors I have heard about what "I" have said, they deney ever saying anything, and that everything that we discuss is just between us. But I am 99% sure it came from the neighbor. Anyway, I still do not trust them, even though they insist they did not say anything, and they come over everyday to use my tanning unit or telephones everyday. How do I begin to "get away", with out being so obvious. Mainly because their spouse and children are such good people and I hate to be mean. I just do not want them coming over here everyday and calling all the time. By the way, it has gotten worse ever since I confronted them about the gossip situation. Like they know I am not wanting to be such good friends anymore. What to do?

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Please post in a more appropriate place, like "Kitchen Table."

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These people appear to be neighbors, but not friends. Just be pleasant, do not invite them in, or let them use your phone etc. Just tell them due to personal reasons you cannot let people into your home at this time. No reason to give. Get caller ID, and not answer the phone. If they anything, just smile and say you are unable to visit at this time.

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They come over to use your Telephone??? Your Tanning Unit??? Hello???? Have you ever told them that it would cost $5 bucks for the telephone and $45 a tanning session since that is your cost??

Who's fault is this?

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