speaker stands?

carolssisJanuary 21, 2007

We are adding smaller speakers to our stereo system. We have a choice of buying wood speaker stands, or ones with metal poles. I'm wondering about sound vibration. Does anyone have any opinions on either model? Thanks for any input.

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We really would need to know more about the particular stands you're considering. Stands do two things: they align the speakers into the best plane for listening, and they absorb some vibration. Some folks like the fact that wood will absorb vibration on its own; others like the fact that metal stands often can be filled with sand or some other material that adds mass and makes the stand more resistant to vibration. My $.02 is that, for most people, it makes little difference as there are bigger variations caused by the room and the quality of what is being played through the speakers. Does that help at all?

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A Little off topic but here it goes, I am think of replacing my Harmon Kardon bookshelf front speakers with Polk Ri10's in the front and they stand about 3.5 feet high. Any opinions on th look of floor speakers for Home Theater use versus say In wall speakers? Do the speakers look too big in a tv room setting? we have a good size room (not an apt. tv room)

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