Cable box/tv over fireplace question-including pix.

loribeeJanuary 2, 2012

DH mounted our tv over the fireplace yesterday which I'm fine with, except for the cable box. I feel like the cable box ruins our whole room. Is there an easy fix for this? I tried googling and read about an IR repeater, which I just don't understand. Thanks for any help that you may offer.

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Ah, come on now, you don't like the sports-bar look?!

You simply need to select a location for the equipment, whether viewable or hidden, that has AC power and where you can fish the A/V cables through the wall back up to the television.

You then install an IR repeater, or also sometimes called an extender, which consists of an IR receiver, small interface box, power supply, and IR emitters.

The IR receiver is typically placed discretely near, or just behind, the television and the emitters are placed in front of the equipment. The interface box/power supply are also connected at the equipment end.

The wiring for the IR receiver is fished along the same path as the A/V cables.

Now when watching television, and you inherently point the remote at the television to change channels, the IR signal is transmitted over the wiring, through the interface box, and to the emitters, and you have full control of your cable box, DVD player, etc.

Neat, clean, and sweet!

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