cable tv interference

radioguy4everJanuary 25, 2007

a few months back i wired our upstairs bedroom for cable tv and installed and had the cable company inspect it and had them install an amplifier. the amplifier is plugged in the nursery circut, which doesnt have anything plugged in that room except a light. about every hour or so our cable (upstairs only) goes completly fuzzy for 3-4 minutes then back to normal. after checking in the basement, there are a few spots where there are electrical lines that come within an inch or so from the cable line. i am not sure what is on those circuts, but is it possible that something that is not on all the time but only periodicly could cause some type of interferince? the appliances i was thinking about are the fridge, chest freezer, furnace or sump pump. is it possible one of these are causing interferience?

at this point i dont think i would be able to relocate either the electrical or the cable. would there be any other solution to this?

i have called the cable company and they say we would have to pay for them to come and try to fix it because they did not install it and that costs money we dont have!

any help would be appriciated.

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