Small TV without cable box for kitchen

shannonskitchenJanuary 6, 2009

I would like to get a Small TV without cable box for kitchen. It would like to get one that I can fold up or down to put under a 15" wide upper cabinet.

I don't want to take up any counter space.

I'd like to know if anyone has used a cable card in a tv like this and how it's worked out. My husband has looked for small sized flat screen TVs that are 'cable card compatible' and can't seem to find them or is not able to search for this feature.

I heard that the drawbacks of the cable card over the cable box is that you don't get the pay per view, on demand and programming guide. The only thing I'd miss is the programming guide since I'm only using this in the kitchen.

Do you know if there is any future upgrades in the cable card that will make it work more like a cable box?

Also, for those who have a small tv in their kitchen and have a cable box, where do you have the cable box so you can use a remote with it?

Does the cable box have to behind glass or do you have to have the box in a cabinet close to the tv?


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I'm not aware of any TVs that small that use a CC. In general, the cable companies were not supportive of CC and their use has suffered because of it.

You can use an IR repeater to put a box in a cabinet away from the TV and still use a IR remote. You can also use a box that has a radio wave remote, direct line of sight not needed, if you cable co offers it.

We made our kitchen TV a slave to the main TV in the ajoining room, so the kitchen TV shows the same thing as the main TV. We didn't want competing TVs.

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Might I suggest using a laptop instead of a tv? With a laptop you can still watch tv if you use a slingbox and a wireless network.

The slingbox device allows you to broadcast your tv signal to your laptop and in fact any computer that can access the network.

You can get more info on their website,

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My house has a cable outlet on the backsplash where the original owner had an undercabinet TV/Stereo (he left it because the sound kept going off). I replaced it with a 19" cable-ready LCD TV and plugged it in. I don't get the premium channels or services, but it's fine for our purposes.

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