Konectro v Novalis

Cindyloo123July 11, 2011

For those who have chosen vinyl plank floors, what made you choose one or the other of these brands?

I am in the process of choosing vinyl plank for my living room/kitchen and I'd appreciate all the input I can get.

Our local hospital put Konecto vinyl in their enormous outpatient area a year ago. It looks fantastic and I can't find any damage on it, in spite of the tremendous traffic it gets. I just talked to the guy that handles such things there. He said they probably won't be able to keep it for long, but that it would be fine for home use.

The problem they are having is when people come in with walkers that do not have the protective rubber things on the feet. They are gouging the floor. He said the reason I'm not seeing the damage is that they have a few ways of disguising the tears, but that over the long run it's not going to work. He agreed that any flooring they get is going to have a shorter life due to the walkers.

He also told me that although they claim you can lift and replace damaged planks, the work involved in doing so is way too extensive. But these are the overlapping planks rather than the glued down version. It's the ability to easily remove and replace the planks that sold me on the idea of getting them to begin with.

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