Upper Denture - Is This Normal?

donna_loomisFebruary 5, 2008

A week before Christmas 2007, DH had all his upper teeth pulled. The intention was that an upper plate would be ready for him a couple of weeks into the new year. Of course, impressions were taken before extractions were done. When he went in for his appointment in early January he was told that something went wrong with making the denture and that they needed to take more impressions. Of course, he was still sore from the extractions, so they had to anesthetize him to take the new impressions. A week later he was to come back to have the plate placed and fitted. When he went back, the denture didn't fit at all. They said that the lab hadn't made the denture correctly and that they would need to take more impressions, which they did. This scenario has been repeated several times. He has had impressions taken on five separate occasions. He still has no teeth. He went yesterday, supposedly to get his teeth, but guess what? Same old story. So I went back with him this morning so that I could ask them to give me an honest answer as to why he doesn't have a plate yet. The dentist said that whenever someone gets dentures they come back many times to fine tune things. Alright, that may be true, but I know a few people who have dentures and their experience has been that they have had to go back, yes, but they have had their plates in. I don't know anyone who has had to wait this long for dentures. The dentist did some grinding and wanted to try to fit the plate for DH, but he was already so sore from all of the forcing they did yesterday, that he just couldn't take any more. So, he'll be going back in next week to give it another try.

I would like to know if I'm over-reacting, because at this point I am thinking that this office/dentist is just totally incompetent. And DH hasn't chewed ANYTHING for almost 8 weeks.

I welcome any opinions, please.

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I know a few people too who have dentures and didn't got to that many visits! My mom has some... been years!!

My dad, however, cannot wear dentures because his upper palate is not shaped properly. I think it's because his upper palate is too flat, which wouldn't allow proper "suction" of the denture or something like that. (I'd have to ask him to verify.)

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My best friend is a dentist.....
You need to contact the state dental association....that is simply not right.
Linda C

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When they pull your teeth your new teeth are setting on the dentist table smileing at you.Something wrong here.

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