Anyone else had a broken ankle??

berkFebruary 18, 2007


Just wondering if anyone else has had a broken ankle, I would love to hear from you.

I am 58 and this is the first broken bone I have ever had and I did a good job! I missed 2 steps Oct. 8th. and broke my ankle and a bone in my leg. I had surgery Oct. 10th. and have screws and a steel plate in my right ankle. I chipped bones in the left foot too.

I was on antiobotics for 2 months because I got a flesh eating infection. My incesion just healed up the first of Dec.

I saw my doctor the last of Jan. and don't have to see him unless I have problems.

I am doing my own therapy since we don't have insurance and I have gotten us far enough in debt from just the surgery!

I am walking now with a cane. By bed time my ankle is throbbing and swollen up. I do a step exercise and roll my foot around and walk as much as I can. Now with the cold weather the steel plate hurts real bad!Just wondering if anyone else has anything to share or to give me hope that I will walk again without pain.

Thanks for your input.

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You need to check with your doctor. He may want to see you. It may be that you need to change your type of therapy for a while. Sounds as if you may have injured it somehow. Don't take chances. Get him to look at it.

Cold weather makes a lot of breaks hurt! My husband broke his ankle over 60 years ago playing football. In cold weather, it hurts!! But not enough to keep him off the golf course. He just puts a support thingie on it and goes ahead.

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You need to call and talk with your doctor ASAP. He will no doupt want to see and examine your ankle, do some xrays and see what's going on.
Sounds like you will also need some professionally done physical therapy. Guidance as to the correct exercises to do, how much to do and when to do them.
Swelling of your ankle is an idication of several different things and only your doctor can tell you what they are.
The fact that by evening your ankle is swollen and "throbbing in pain" says that something is not right. Could be too much pressure on the ankle to soon, not the correct exercises being done, additional damage to the bones from walking to quickly on it, and it could be that some or any of the hardware is coming out of the bone.

Remember that the ankle takes much of the weight of your body on it every time you stand on it. If it isn't healed enough when you put full weight on it, you can rebrake or hairline fracture the bones again.

As for the plate hurting in cold weather, that's not uncommon to happen. It may be possible in a few months to a year, to have the plate removed, but it's too soone to do so right now, I would think. Talk to your doctor about all these problems ASAP, before anything gets worse.
You should explain to him/her about your finances and see if your charges can be reduced. The same goes for physical therapy. There should be some arrangements you can make to lower the cost quite a bit, based on no insurance. It's worth a try, because it sounds like you will need some.

Good luck

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