Bella Cera Oak flooring? Anyone heard of it?

dalcolliJuly 3, 2008

Has anybody heard of Bella Cera brand solid hardwood floors? My aunt and uncle put their floor in a couple months ago and it was exactly what we were looking for so last night we took a piece to their flooring store and they were able to match it as Bella Cera brand, Butterscotch stain. It was only $3.69 a sq ft.

The salesman also showed us another one by the same brand and was in love with the stuff (they had made a couple design boards of it). Both are 3/4 inch thick solid oak (they have both Red and White for same price), 3 1/4 inch wide planks, Gunstock stain. And, get this, they have the ones he showed us for $3 sq ft!!! It looks gorgeous and the salesman, who seemed very knowledgeable, was thrilled with it. The catch is that I have never heard of the brand and can not find any info on it at all. Naturally I am skeptical. As far as I can tell, it would probably be considered a character grade (quite a bit of variation, which we like, and higher amount of shorter boards, which we can live with). We plan to put solid hardwood on most the main floor (building new) so about 2000 sq ft.

Anyone?!?! TIA!

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dalcolli, did you end up using this flooring that sounds like it is reasonably priced since a few others are now asking about it?

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No, we haven't actually broken ground on the house yet. I am still leery of it since I had no replies here and cannot find a thing about it online. We will be doing almost our entire main floor, so I'm not willing to just take a chance on it to save a few bucks. I found out about it in the first place because my aunt and uncle put it in their house a several months ago. I just saw it again this weekend and it looks pretty decent. Lots of color variation, which looks fine all together. I doubt we will use it as it has a lot of short boards and the red specks in some pieces. Maybe not enough to be a deal breaker for others, but I am looking for something more brown than red.

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I've heard of Bella Cera hardwood flooring before. I am actually conducting my own search for new flooring and have seen it in several of the flooring stores where I live. From what I understand, it's distributed by a company called Sea Pac Sales out of Washington state. I've heard all good reports from the sales people I've spoken with, but I've been more interested in the engineered hardwood, rather than the solid. I notice that the same company (Bella Cera) also has a tile & stone series, formica, vinyl and a host of other types that are sold at any number of sites on the internet.

SeaPac's website below - I didn't find it very informative, however if you scroll to the bottom of the page, there seem to be a number of working links.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sea Pac's site

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I have also heard of Bella Cera Hardwood Floors and highly recommend their product line. My wife and I just had our floors installed and we absolutely love it! For those that are interested here is a link to their home page Between their true hand scraping, finish and their variable width selection we couldn't be happier!

Here is a link that might be useful: Bella Cera Hardwood Floors

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We put this handscraped butterscotch down in our bedroom last fall. It is great! Easy to put down and we absolutely love it. We are in Ohio and Ohio Valley flooring seems to be the one to distribute here in the Northeast states. It is really priced nicely too!

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Funny I just got their catalog in the mail. I ordered it before I found out they don't have a distributor in Washington State. But their floors are awesome. I think I found them by lurking here on the board.

Boxiebabe, that link doesn't work.

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Bella Cera is a great brand of flooring. It's what is considered a 'private label' so although it's sold nationwide, it's actually the high end private brand owned by a handful of large flooring distributors around the country and has been around since the mid 80's. It's only sold in mom & pop stores, not big box stores or liquidators. The reason I mention that is I see Sea-Pac is mentioned. They were one of the owner/distributors for the North West territory. Sea-Pac went out of business when the economy crashed and a new owner has not taken their place. This happens from time to time, but has no baring on the other owners or the quality of the products they sell. Just some regions of the country were hit harder than others. And with flooring being a luxury item like cars, it's not something people buy when economies crash.

For educational purposes, I would also like to point out that since this is a 'private label' brand, while many of the products are sold nationally, the owners do have products that are made for the brand regionally. So that is why you don't see everything from Vinyl Tile to Carpet to laminate on the Bella Cera Floors website. Only the product sold nationally by all of the distributors, which is mostly the hand scraped hardwoods, are on the website. The products made regionally are not. Yeah, that might sound a bit like a pain in the butt. But it's better than seeing something online, falling in love with it, and then being told you can't buy it because it's not sold in your region or your state. Plus, websites are just to get an idea of a color, look of hand scrape etc. The best way to see and compare any flooring is in person in a Mom & Pop flooring store where you can see, touch and visually evaluate the product.

Lastly, while we are all on here making reviews, when it comes to a high end product like flooring, visit a Mom & Pop retail store and talk to them when it comes to fulfilling your flooring needs. Most sites like Bella Cera have a zipcode driven Store Locator on it. Mom & Pop's rarely play favorites with a brand since they sell so many. And unlike a Big Box Store that just wants to seel you anything to get you out the door and make a commission, most of these mom & pops don't make a commission and will usually work hard to get you the best product within your budget.

Another great resource about wood species, installtion options, Green laws etc is the National Wood Flooring Association Organization or They can also supply independant inspectors when you need to file a claim. They are an amazing resource.

Here is a link that might be useful: bella cera floors

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hmmm, what are the odds? Just registered today and a glowing review........

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