One key to a good mattress is starting at ground level

toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouisDecember 6, 2011

This is generically with all the mattress questions popping up lately.

If you are in the market for a mattress, check your bed or bed frame first. Especially for modern large 60 inch span queen and 80 inch span kings a little flex can be a big problem.

It only takes about an inch of give across a 60 (queen) or 80 (king) inches of mattress for most folks to start feeling a problem with their mattress and grumbling. One inch over sixty is less than 2% flex!

This bed frame is best left for the kids on their twins and fulls. It has no center leg to help bear your weight. Your box spring/foundation WILL flex in the center.

Even with the lighter duty legs this bed frame will work better. Compared to a comparable model without the center support it only costs mattress stores four to ten dollars more depending on supplier!

Even a traditional sleigh bed needs the center support with a peg leg for its center cross slat. Preferably install one for all three if you care or can. Wood cross slats FLEX.

Thank you and remember you will probably spend as much on your mattress as a set of tires. Don't set it up for failure!

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Also remember that mattress manufacturers will not honor warranty if there is not a center support system on queen & king beds.

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"remember you will probably spend as much on your mattress as a set of tires. Don't set it up for failure!"

Um....our truck tires usually cost us around $1400 for 6 tires (dually). The mattress we just bought? $3000. (TempurPedic.)


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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis

Donnar, you have bought the 24" wheels and Z rated tires of the tire world!

Good news is I love memory foam mattresses.

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