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raineygirlJuly 17, 2012

Can you actually put down laminate over top of ceramic tile? If this is possible, it sure would be much better than having to take it up and deal with the dust and all. I want to put down laminate flooring throughout my living/dining area and hallway as well as the tiled sunroom. The sunroom's tile flows into the foyer and living room and surrounds the fireplace. While I need to keep some of the tile around the fireplace, I would like to have that opened look of the rooms instead of the chopped up look I have now. I live in an upstairs condo and was concerned about the noise it may bring vs. carpeting. Just about all of my neighbors who are replacing their floors are using laminate/hardwoods now. I just want to make the right decision:) My carpet is almost 20 yrs old and needs to go!! Plus, I have 2 cats and one is a senior and sometimes has accidents. Someone said that the laminate flooring can be sealed in the grooves to keep leakage from causing buckling up. Don't know how true that is..??

Any advice or opinions are welcomed!

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Your substrate needs to be FLAT for laminate, otherwise the different heights stresses the join and you get pops and snaps and the joins can fail. There are some waterproof laminates, but they are pretty darn pricy. The best product for incontinent animals is sheet vinyl flooring. It can be had also relatively inexpensively. None of these floors can be installed on top of tile without a great deal of prep work to make it flat. In the end, it will just be easier to take up the tile.

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thanks live wire. I was thinking that same thing that it can't be done. I don't want to put vinyl in my living room/dining area; I wanted to go with laminate that looks like wood. Is it true that the laminate joints can be sealed? What brand of laminate is waterproof? If I decide to stay with carpet, I'll have the same issues with my senior cat that I have now. Carpeting is hard to get urine smell out of it when it comes to a cat's nose. We may not be able to smell it but they can and sometimes will go back to that area which made me think laminate would be a better choice.

I'm just so confused right now about what I should replace this old carpeting with. True, my senior cat won't be around for ever but I have a young cat too:) Anybody who has animals knows what I'm talking about. I will always have animals in my home and want to keep that in mind when purchasing flooring.

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You have to have something like stone or tile Infront of your fireplace x amount of feet away. You can get 12mm grade laminate that will be as thick as the carpet with padding.

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