gabbyFebruary 28, 2012

I could have sworn that I asked this question but I can't find it.

Have any of you ever woke up and your tummy feels like you'e sore from exercising for the first time?

This happened to me the last of Nov. and I can't really remember how long that feeling lasted. I hadn't done any exercise ( but should) and hadn't lifted anything heavy. In fact, I just went to bed and felt that way when I woke up.

I have had an ache ever since then. It was more sore at first but now I've just gotten used to it. It only hurts when I rise up from somewhere. Or like last night I was sitting on the couch and curled up my legs beside me. It hurt them. And it hurts if I sleep in what I call the fetal position. Have no idea if I'm describing it right.

Mainly just wanted to know if you've ever experienced the exercising feeling? My little PA who looks about 12 felt around but she pressed about as hard as my little 2 year old g'baby would do. I kept telling her harder, because it wasn't hurting. But as soon as I sat up, that's when I felt the pain. She was clueless.

Any ideas what this could be or has anyone else had that feeling?



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The first thing that I thought of was a hernia of some sort. When you get curled up, a loop of intestine gets "caught" and when you straigten up, it hurts!

Maybe??? probably not, but maybe you need more than a look by a PA.

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Thanks agnes for your quick reply. I haven't had any of the other symptoms, but it's the closest description that I've read. Believe me, I've been looking but it usually takes me to a pregnancy site!

But with your answer, I'll try to find something in that direction. I'm almost 60, so I sure hope the ^%#% that I'm not pregnant,lol!

thanks again,

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