Is there a correct way to dust?

wearybuilderDecember 10, 2008

Should you use something like pledge or just a dry swiffer type cloth? I'm mainly thinking about furniture, but while I'm asking, I guess I'd like to know about kitchen cabinets and fireplace mantles too!


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I do not like Pledge. Once you contaminate a piece with the silicone oil in it, you never get rid of it. From my perspective, it makes refinishing and repair difficult. But it also tends to build up.

I prefer a soft, clean cloth. If there is a distinctive grain pattern go with that direction. Keep turning the cloth often as dust can be abrasive and hard dusting can actually introduce scratches. You can get treated cloths that help to electrostatically hold the dust and not just move it around.

For kitchen cabinets, you have a different set of contaminants (oils from foods and hands). An occasional cleaning with a cloth dampened in water and a bit of Dawn or similar dish detergent will remove the grease. Left to accumulate, the grease will build up and soften the finish to the point where you can wipe it off. Water is OK as long as the finish is sound and you don't go overboard with it.

The above is my opinion.

Here is a link that might be useful: other's care tips

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