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emmaFebruary 22, 2013

This article was in our local newspaper today, very interesting read.

Here is a link that might be useful: medical info

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Yeah....nothing really new, most it's our own fault,.. allot of time we run to the doctor for nothing.

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Running to the doc with a problem, is not the problem. You need to know (example) why there is blood in your urine. You have to listen to him then decide for yourself what you need. At 76, I am not going to have any tests or take any med except pain meds. I do not want to outlive my memory, that is what we will do if they keep prolonging our lives. I would never do Chemo or radiation or have bypass surgery. At the same time I do want to know what is happening to me even though I may choose to do nothing about it.

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Getting old is no fun and we all get there.
Even at your tender age of 76, medical intervention is needed at times for the better. I.M.O..most doctors today don't have it and we need second or 3rd opinons, specialist etc.etc. test, test and test this.. that will surely help spening.

The U.S. has, by far, the highest total expenditure on health care per capita. America spends approximately $2,600 more per person annually than Norway, the second-highest spender. Only 47.7 percent of this amount is public expenditure -- the third-smallest percentage among developed countries. However, the actual amount of public spending, $3,795, is among the highest. The U.S. also spends the largest amount on pharmaceuticals and other medical nondurables. The country has fairly low rates of doctors and hospital beds relative to its population. It also has the eighth-lowest life expectancy, at 78.2 years.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Interesting that our dogs live 3 times longer now with good nutrition. Most all farm animals have been cured of ailments that still effect man. We don't have medicare for animals if we did maybe they would have not found the cure. There is no law that the doctor has to cure you even if there is a cure available. He makes more money treating symptoms that curing you.

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