HELP- Problems with new marble tile.

sunroomguyJuly 3, 2012

i recently purchased marble tile for our front foyer. before i placed the order, i was very specific about wanting a high quality product. so i was very surprised when i noticed many of the tile had spots/ areas that do not have a high polish. these came from out of state and the vendor is giving me the run around. he said this is normal and always have to be spot buffed onsite. is this true? if yes, what type and grit of buffing compound is best to use. is there a particular type of buffing wheel. does this take much time? i'm hoping for advice from professional installers. thanx in advance for your reply.

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Sophie Wheeler

Sounds like it was exposed to a substance that etched it. Normal? Yes. It's normal for marble to etch when exposed to a lot of things that are acids and that is what will happen once installed as it's used in a normal manner. Scratches will happen too, because it's relatively soft. But it's not normal to open the box to marble that has been "pre-patinad" for you. Dispute the charge with your credit card company if the seller won't solve the problem. Now, if the marble has been installed, yes, it's simply behaving as marble behaves and it's normal for it to etch or stain. Sealing can help with the staining, but not the etching or scratching.

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Refuse it. Take it back. If it's etched from the start, it's unacceptable. If YOU etched, you're on your own. They should deliver you a virgin product.....

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