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vannieFebruary 3, 2007

Has anybody used the over the counter type ear wax removers? If so, what was it and did it work?

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Doctor always recommended Debrox for removing ear wax. Never had to use it, but again, that is what they recommended.


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My daughter had problems with her ears since she was one and a half. The infections were usually caused by the location of her eustasian tubes, which did not allow her ears to drain properly. When she was 5 she had small tubes surgically implanted into her ears to help the drainage. They eventually fell out after about a year. She also had a MAJOR wax problem in both ears. As Vickey had said above, the Dr. recommended Debrox to loosen the harden wax.

It works if you use it properly, however my daughter hated me putting the drops in and having it kind of fizzle. I believe the main ingredient is hydrogen peroxide???(not sure though). After the wax has been softened enough,(could take weeks) you're supposed to fill a bulb syringe with warm water, and squirt it into your ear over the sink until the wad of wax finally falls out.

My daughter is now 18, so that was a long time ago. But I am pretty sure that's how it went.

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Sure,I have used it on my husband and myself. They work pretty good,although to me they seem kinda scary (I have a phobia about getting water in my ears)
You put the drops in for a few minutes,then use the bulb to squeeze warm water into your ear.It's gross to see the melted wax coming out.

After,it was amazing,I could actually HEAR ALOT better!!! I had to turn tv's and stuff down the first few days after cuz it hurt my ears.

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I've had ear wax problems for a long time. As a teen and really into hotrods and the associated loud noises. Always around noisey races. Went to ear doc and he cleaned my ears with a vacuum and showed me the erasor plugs he pulled out. Wow, walked out of his office and the sounds of tires rolling in the streets were mighty loud. My car engine sounds, and gears, etc. were tremendious. Got used to it pretty fast though.

Few yrs later : Another ear doc, same deal, vacuumed and flushed with alcohol. Then put cotton with antibiotic in my ears 'leave it for three days, dont get it wet. Get these ear drops, prescription 'see you next year ;) Said the wax traps moisture during swimming or perspiring and grows black mold, same stuff that eats the gunite off swimming pool walls. Get this prescription filled now - antibiotics.

Druggist couldnt read the prescription.. asked what for - ears ; Filled the prescription and he even moaned about the cost. Suggested hydrogen peroxide, let it fizzle, no more than five minutes, three times per day for three days max,, the next time before going to doc.

Use it probably every summer for ear wax the momemt I feel the odd stuff. Works for me!

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thanks everyone. I bought the Murine kind and it worked great. It was gross what came out. I can't imagine where that stuff stays in your head. Yuck

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My son had earwax problems and we would put the debrox drops in and he would stay laying down for about 20 minutes. Then we would flush his ears with water, using one of those blue infant bulb syringes. Sometimes, it would take quite a while to loosen the stuff, but he could hear so much better, and his earpain would go away.
The nurse at the doctor's office did it once, and she had a device called an elephant something-or-other. It was just a plastic bottle of water with a special tube on the end that would squirt a really concentrated spray of water into the ear. I had considered bying one of those, but never did.

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I have a question.....When you say to use hydrogen peroxide, do you mean full strength or diluted?

My dentist told me to never use HP full strength, but maybe for ears it is different?

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